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Safety & Insurances

Workplace safety is essential across all elements of our business. Whether it be manufactring or installation, good safety makes good sense and is always a key focus. Central to safety management is the identification of hazards and the assessmentand management of risks. Management of risks within our manufacturing environment is constantly monitered by managers and supervisory staff. Apart from the hazards common across all manufacturing industries, we have major exposure to risk associated with our installation services where we are in the public eye, with work at heights in high pedestrian and vehicle areas.

Wizardry’s Safety Certifications Include:
• Green Card (Work Cover)
• Elevated Work Platform
• T.R.A.C Industrial Rope Access Certificate
• Red Traffic Control Ticket • Occupational Health and Safety Consulatation
• Senior First Aid


Wizardry is covered by the following Insurances:
• Public Liability $20 Million
• Workers Compensation as per the Act

Copies of current insurances available on request.