Artwork & File Setup

  1. File Formats

    We accept files created in CS6 and below (Includes Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign & PDF)

    Please ensure all text is converted to outlines and that all images are supplied in high resolution (minimum of 75dpi when at final output size)
  2. Creating a File

    1. Size

      Where possible create the file at actual size. If scaling is required it should not be less than 10% of the artworks actual intended size. Please indicate the scale either in the file name or via email when supplying the files.
    2. Bleed

      To ensure accurate sizing, all files must be supplied with bleed

      Standard minimum bleed is a listed below

      Internal prints:                            10mm
      External prints on substrates:       20mm
      Banners with Standard finishes:    50mm
      Wall Canvas:                              100mm
  3. Colour

    Wizardry has established a colour managed workflow.
    1. Rich Black

      To achieve a rich black the CMYK breakdown needs to be
      Cyan:              80
      Magenta:        50
      Yellow:           50
      Black:            100
    2. Color

      To ensure colour accuracy please set up artwork using the following colour profiles:
      RGB:             sRGB IEC61966-2 and
      CMYK:          US Sheetfed Coated v2.

      Please supply printed colour proofs as a visual of what you are expecting and indicate any Pantone colours used.
  1. Images

    Ensure you supply all linked image files with your layout application documents.
    1. Resolution

      Required image resolution is 75dpi at final output size.
  2. Computer Cut Vinyl

    Artwork for computer cut vinyl must be supplied as vector art and prefferably supplied as an Illustrator EPS file. 
  3. Supplying Files

    We only accept emailed files up to 5mb
    Larger files can be supplied using CD, DVD, Internet Transfer or our FTP (Please see below for our FTP Details) 

PDF Download - File Specifications